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About Us

What is the bam experience?


What makes a journey special? What memorable? Sometimes the magic of a trip is condensed in a sunset, a striking piece of art or architecture or a gastronomic feast for your taste buds. Other times it’s meeting strangers that become friends or help you overcome challenges on the way. This is the bam experience.


Our promise is to help you create the trip of your dreams: we want you to discover amazing experiences around the world and give you all the knowledge, services and help to create that special bam moment on your journey.


This is why we provide the best information and proven services for our destination. We only give tips and share the information that has been validated by travellers and local guides. When you book a tour or transfer with us we guarantee that you’ll have an awesome, flawless experience. And should anything not be to you expectations we provide a helpful and friendly customer support with easy cancellation options. 



Curated Portfolio

We have a curated portfolio with only tours, transfers and experiences that have proven to provide satisfaction to our customers.



Easy cancellations

We guarantee easy cancellations on all of our tours and transfers and work hard to resolve any issue you might have in record time.



4 star policy

We strictly enforce our 4 star policy: if the average rating of any of the tours we provide drops 4 stars, it will lose its place in our portfolio.



Our history

With journeys ranging from the main cities of the world to some of the most remote places, our founders have been immersed in the world of travel and adventure for decades. Initially as simple backpackers and travellers but in the last 20 years more and more by working in the tourism industry. In their own way, both practice a digital nomadic lifestyle to keep exploring new places while working at the same time.


After working and developing different services and tourism products individually, these two travel entrepreneurs have launched their vision: a platform to help people to explore the best places in the world in a memorable, exciting and easy way. We call it the bam experience.



The Team

Our entire team, from different nationalities, are proven travelers. We want to lend a hand in any of your travel phases: from planning at home to exploring a new place.



Flavio Amiel - CEO / Co-Fundador


“I want our customers to have a smooth travel experience, so that they can enjoy their adventures without having to worry about little details."


My Last "Bam" Experience: Paseo en el barco pirata “O Leaozinho” en Algarve. I was with my family, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset contemplating the lovely cliffs of Algarve while we had fun dressing up like pirates. Incredible fun! 



Sebastian Kinzlinger - CTO / Co-Fundador


"I make sure that viabam works smoothly: we want our customers to find the perfect route for their expectations; that local tour operators and our team work as conveniently as possible."


My Last "Bam" Experience: In Bulgaria it's a tradition to watch the sunrise on July first (July Morning) over the black sea. Since we where too far from the coast we got up at 1am to climb the highest peak of the Pirin Mountains and watch the sunrise from there. An epic bam experience!



Patricia Acuna - Head of Customer Support


“I'm committed to always provide exceptional service to each client with precision and attention to the detail, offering an efficient experience from start to finish.”


My Last "Bam" Experience: Swimming with dolphins in Cozumel, Mexico.



Ricardo Ramírez Gisbert - Content Manager 


“We want to facilitate trips for our users, with concise, practical and inspiring information“


My Last Bam Experience: Visiting the Mirador del Río, by César Manrique in Lanzarote. Beyond the architecture of the place, the view of the island La Graciosa more than 700 meters high in the middle of the sunset, is one of those images that are never forgotten. Very bam!