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Amsterdam Windmills Tour

Amsterdam Windmill Tour: Zaanse Schans, Edam, Volendam & Marken

Take a dream tour through the Dutch countryside. Discover the most charming villages of the Netherlands with this guided tour from Amsterdam through Edam, Volendam, Marken and Zaanse Schans.

6 hEnglish
39,00 €
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Amsterdam Walking Tour

Amsterdam Walking Tour (Small Groups)

Have a proper introduction to Amsterdam with this guided walking tour of approximately 2.5 hours. Walk through Amsterdam must-see sites and get a complete overview of the city and its history through interesting anecdotes and a bit of humor.

2.5 hEnglish
24,90 €
Amsterdam Bike Tour Small Groups

Amsterdam Bike Tour (Small Groups)

Explore Amsterdam in the best possible way with this fun 2.5 hour bike tour. Learn interesting stories and anecdotes about the city, from the beginnings of Amsterdam to the present day, and visit unique places harder to reach by walking.

2.5 hEnglish
33,00 €
Amsterdam Bike Tour and Canal Cruise

Amsterdam Bike Tour & Canal Cruise

Tour Amsterdam like a local and visit its most memorable spots with this fun 2.5 hour bike tour, combined with a 1 hour boat ride on the canals.

3.5 hEnglish
48,00 €
Amsterdam Walking Tour Canal Cruise

Amsterdam Walking Tour & Canal Cruise

Discover the fascinating Amsterdam city center in a unique way with a 2.5 hour guided walking tour. Afterwards, you will enjoy a 1-hour long cruise along its emblematic canals.

3.5 hEnglish
39,90 €
What to See in Amsterdam

Amsterdam in a Day: Walking & Bike Tour, Canal Cruise and Lunch

The Amsterdam in a Day Tour combines a guided walking tour of the city center, a 1-hour cruise through its emblematic canals and a bike tour, with a traditional Dutch lunch included. This tour is ideal to see all the main sights of Amsterdam in one same day.

8 hEnglish
95,00 €